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Having your own backyard swimming pool almost guarantees fun and excitement for the whole family. Your pool will likely be the gathering place for you kids’ friends, the focal point of family and neighborhood cookouts, and of course your own personal oasis to escape from the stress and grind of everyday life and unwind. To keep pools in tip top shape, as well as to bolster your fun and enjoyment to higher levels, there are several essential pieces of pool gear. What follows is a brief description of that gear and how they can benefit you and your pool.

Essential Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Gear

Maintaining a clean, well-cared for pool is crucial for personal health and hygiene as well as for the longevity of the pool. There are several essential types of pool cleaning and maintenance gear which make this type of upkeep a breeze. These items include the following:

Chemicals – There are an assortment of pool cleaning chemicals designed to keep the PH of the pool within safe levels. This helps prevents eye irritation, rashes, and waterborne diseases. These chemicals include chlorine and chlorine balancing agents, alkaline balancing agents, and calcium balancing agents to name just a few.

Water Testing Kit – The chemicals listed above provide an important way to establish and preserve the quality of the pool’s water. However, too much or too little of these various chemicals can easily disrupt the delicate balance. Water testing kits provide important information about water quality and chemical content so that any chemical treatment can be adjusted as necessary.

Filters and Filter Sand – Your swimming pool’s filtration system is the first line of defense against physical impurities that may accumulate in the pool. Meanwhile the filter itself will require sand, a cartridge, or or diatomaceous earth in order to work effectively. These filtering agents will need to be replaced periodically.

Pool Vac – Pool vacs work in a similar fashion to traditional carpet vacuum cleaners: they physically vacuum away dirt and debris. Some pool vacs may be manually operated by the owner or pool cleaner, while others are automated crawlers that function by themselves.

Cleaning Nets – One of the most basic lines of defense against dirt and debris that enters the pool are cleaning nets. These nets are usually a faster, more convenient, and more targeted cleaning tool when it comes to the removal of a small number of particular bits of debris.

Pool Cover – When your swimming pool is not in use, such as during the winter, while you are on vacation, etc., a pool cover is an excellent way to help minimize the amount of dirt and debris that gets into water. Pool covers are also an important safety tool to prevent accidental drowning or injury to pets or children.

Caulk – Over time it is likely that your swimming pool will begin to develop small cracks and splits. These crevices can then become breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and moss. Another risk is that water will enter these small openings, freeze as temperatures drop, and thereby create new or larger cracks and splits. In order to prevent these problems caulk can be applied to reseal the cracks.

Essential Swimming Pool Gear

Pool cleaning and maintenance is very important for health and safety; however, let’s face it: it’s not most fun. Fortunately this next category of essential pool gear is all about making your time in the pool more enjoyable. As such many of these items may not be truly essential and they may not suit everyone’s taste and lifestyle. Nevertheless, these basic items are pool staples in backyards all across America.

Goggles – Goggles are one of the most common and standard pieces of pool equipment. Even if you don’t have sensitive eyes or do not spend much time diving, it’s always nice to have pool goggles on hand in case one of your visitors needs them.

Snorkels – Going hand in hand with goggles are pool snorkels. These simple tubes allow the user to breathe while his or her face is underwater. Snorkels are particularly popular with kids, but they can also be a ton of fun for adults.

Rafts, Rings, and Tubes – Pool rafts, rings, and tubes are must-haves for anyone looking to spend a few relaxing hours floating around in their backyard pool. They make it easy for people to zone out, read, or catch some sun without actively swimming or trying to stay afloat on their own.

Floaties – Similar to rafts and tubes are floaties. These include items such as “noodles” and other big, fun, colorful shapes that naturally float along the water’s surface. Floaties are great for playful games and are all but required for families that have children.

Beach Balls – Beach balls are big, soft, and buoyant, making them an ideal, safe choice for in-pool games of catch, dodgeball, volleyball, and an array of other (often made up on the fly) games.

Diving Board – Diving boards are another backyard pool staple. Who doesn’t want to show off their best cannonball or swandive?

Life Jackets – Unlike the other items on this list life jackets may not be particularly fun, but they are certainly essential. Life jackets allow even young children and people who cannot swim to safely get in on the action – just make sure the life jacket is worn properly and suitable for the size and weight of the person wearing it.

Awesome Accessories

These pool accessories may not technically be essential, nor are they really simple add-on accessories but these nice extras will help take your backyard pool experience from ordinary to exceptional.

Built-In Spas or Hot Tubs – Spas and hot tubs have benefits and advantages all of their own. Fortunately with a built-in spa or hot tub there’s no need to choose between them and a pool because instead you get a perfectly integrated combination. Built-in spas and hot tubs are also designed to look great with the pool and to add to the overall aesthetics of your backyard haven.

Water Features – Water features include jets, fountains, waterfalls and other beautiful water accessories. The extra water flow and movement make the pool itself more fun and relaxing to be in, while significantly increasing the value and beauty of the pool.

Grills – This last item obviously can be use in the pool at all, but a high quality backyard grill is practically a no-brainer for anyone committed to outdoor, backyard partying and entertaining. Why stop the festivities and go inside to cook when you can grill up some delicious treats poolside?

The great thing about having a backyard pool is that it does give you so many fun options to enjoy yourself. Rest assured that whatever you and your family define as “essential pool gear” All Seasons Pool and Spa has you covered with our well-stocked pool shop.

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