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After you’ve made the exciting decision to install a backyard pool, it’s time to begin considering the specifics. By far one of the most important, and one of the most fun, specifics to consider is what shape you want your new pool to be. Obviously the pool’s shape will play a huge role in its visual appearance, but it will also in turn affect a range of other interrelated elements such as decking, landscaping, and backyard furniture. The pool’s shape will also dictate how suitable it is for certain types of games and pool activities as well as the general vibe the pool has. What follows is a brief description of some popular shapes, their advantages, and other considerations.

Different Pool Shapes and Their Advantages

Rectangular – The rectangular pool design is probably the most common shape, perhaps because it is also one of the most versatile. It easily accommodates a shallow and deep side, works well for an assortment of games, allows for exercising and swimming laps, and usually includes plenty of room for floaties and other pool accessories. It also fits well into rectangular yard shapes and is well suited to geometric landscaping designs.

L-shaped – L-shaped pools are a combination of two smaller rectangle shaped pools joined together at a right angle. L-shaped pools features many of the benefits of rectangular pools while also allowing an even stronger demarcation between shallow and deep ends of the pool. Some pool shoppers were put off by the severity of the L-shape and thus the “Lazy L” was also established as an alternative. It features a softer angle at less than 45 degrees.

Kidney – Kidney shaped pools were first designed in 1948 and have seen a rapid explosion in popularity since that time. Today they are easily one of the most popular pool shapes, in large part because they are a viewed as a design shape that feels natural and at harmony with its surroundings. As the name implies, kidney-shaped pools are shaped like a giant kidney, that is a bent, indented oval. Like the previous shapes we’ve discussed, kidney shapes accommodate deep and shallow ends well and allow the flexibility for many games and flotation devices. Decks, landscaping, outdoor furniture, and even spas are commonly found at the focal point of the pool’s indentation.

Lap Pool – A lap pool is like an extreme version of the rectangle. It is longer and more narrow, typically with room for only one or two swimming lanes. As the name implies it is best suited for swimming laps and is thus ideal for swimmers who are training for something or who are committed to a daily regimen. Lap pools aren’t as well suited for games and other leisure activities.

Grecian – The Grecian pool shape is another long time classic. It takes the basic rectangular shape but cuts off the corner, creating a softer look and freeing up space in the yard. Obviously some pool area is lost in the process, however. Grecian shapes are well suited to certain styles of architecture and landscaping.

Roman – Like the Grecian, the Roman pool shape is another classic design that modifies the basic rectangle. In the Roman’s case, instead of removing the corners, it adds to them, creating elegant, expanded semi-circles. Once again this softens the overall look of the rectangle, flows beautifully with certain styles of architecture and landscaping, and unlike the Grecian, actually increases pool surface area, creating excellent places for entry and exit steps or water benches.

Freeform – Freeform pool shapes are whatever the owner wishes them to be. There is virtually no limit to the shapes and styles that can be created beyond one’s own imagination and space constraints. This allows pool owners to design their pools with their particular yard in mind, as well as create a pool that is dedicated and specialized to their favorite activities.

The shapes discussed here are just a starting point. It is important to keep in mind the features of your own yard as well as your personal style and design preferences. Are you the sort of person who prefers the clean, orderliness of the rectangle’s, L-shape’s, and lap pool’s straight lines, or do you prefer to blur the lines a little with one of the other shapes discussed here? Your yard shape and size, and general budget will also likely play a key role in helping you determine your ideal shape. All Seasons Pool & Spa can help. Our friendly, knowledgeable experts can consult with you and help you realize your dream of your very own beautiful, backyard pool.

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