Sand Change

For many people, owning their own pool is one of the best luxuries life has to offer. Pools are a great way to have some fun, relax, get some exercise, spend time together as a family, and socialize with friends and neighbors. As every pool owner is aware, pools also come with some maintenance requirements and one of the most important is maintaining the safety and quality of the water. To do this, a filtration system in conjunction with chemical additives is used. A key aspect of the pool filter is sand, which filters out impurities and keeps the pool sparkling and crystal clear.

Over time the sand begins to lose its filtering efficacy. When that happens it is time to replace the sand with new, fresh sand. While this may be something that some pool owners feel confident tackling, All Seasons Pool and Spa understands that many people simply don’t want the hassle and risk associated with this major maintenance task. Changing the filter sand typically takes several hours, involves physically removing the old sand and adding the new sand, and could potentially damage the filter if done incorrectly. By contrast, All Seasons Pool and Spa’s sand change services offer the following benefits:

Advantages of Professional Sand Change Services

  • Knowledgeable, experienced, well-trained maintenance crew
  • Minimal hassle and mess
  • Flexible scheduling
  • No risk to the customer of accidental silica inhalation
  • Can advise on appropriate sand change and maintenance schedule

All Seasons Pool and Spa offers comprehensive cleaning and maintenance packages. Our well-stocked pool store also has everything customers need to keep their pools in tip top shape. To promote even better pool care and customer knowledge we also host a free, weekly Pool School every Saturday at noon. All Seasons Pool and Spa is the Golden Triangle’s premier pool service company and that includes our industry-leading pool filter sand change services.

Changing Your Pool Filter’s Sand Can Be A Hassle and Harmful – Call Us Today To Schedule This Service (409) 751-3100.